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Current production


Work : original composer


Musical profile

Graduated of the


in piano, theory and harmony.

Sound engineer

of acoustic, sound recording, mixing, mastering...
Work on the


to understand the interaction between the sound and how it is perceived. The importance of frequencies, the pitch, the tone of a complex sound, harmonics, loudness, for better intelligibility.


, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax.

My compositions on images

Music image, advertising, TV, documentary, cartoon, film...

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Music has an effective power to sustain picture, its theme, its orchestration, its silence, its harmonization highlight the artistic reliefs of the film, either they are advertising, documentary, feature film ... Customized composed music to accentuate emotion, to underline the scene, to bring an atmosphere, an harmony pinch, a taste of rhythm and your image will become unique.
I am ready, I catch your mail, your turn to compose !